How Does ConnectWise Help Your Technology Business?

Top-Flight Ticketing. Full Visibility and Accountability.

The powerful ticket-management platform that allows you to centralise all conversations with customers so anyone from finance, sales to the CEO can quickly review the status of your clients. You'll quickly increase productivity because the tickets can be created from virtually anywhere. Also, automating business rules through work-flow automation provides for creating predetermined responses so your clients know that you have the ticket and will be working on it.

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Faster Help Desk. How Fast?
Faster Than an Aston Martin.

Our Help Desk Software leverages our proprietary and market leading ticketing system, which allows technology providers in software, hardware and services to provide the best support to their customers through software developed with help desk best practices. Developed with years of experience working with over 5000+ technology organisations, ConnectWise help desk software and ticketing system quickly enables your customer support or help desk agents to receive, process, and respond to service requests.

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Capture Every Billable Moment, Unlock Your Profit Potential.

ConnectWise tightens the tracking of hours spent on research and development. It also helps ensure accountability to individual agreements by accurately tracking time and providing closed loop client communication. You will know what it costs to maintain your current release along with rolling out the next one.

Also, instead of a grueling billing process, ConnectWise helps you streamline that process so you can bill for extra time with integrated time tracking. Plus, you can effectively track client maintenance and support agreements so you can ensure proper billing and identify upsell opportunities for next level support or additional add-on modules.

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A Framework for Excellence in IT Management

ConnectWise is now PinkVERIFY™ certified by Pink Elephant, the world's #1 supplier of ITIL and IT Service Management consulting and training certifications. Using an ITIL compliant business management platform helps you add credibility to your organisation and enables you to support your clients as they align their IT needs with business objectives. Register for a live demo now to see how ConnectWise has been leveraging ITIL best practices for over 15 years.

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What Types of Businesses is ConnectWise Suited For?

MSP / IT Service Providers

Point of Sale Resellers (POS)

System Integrators

Software Companies

Part of the ConnectWise® Business Suite, Designed to Maximise Your Sales, Service & Operations.

The ConnectWise Business Suite was created to holistically help your entire business. We've picked the very best solutions for IT solution providers and created an environment where they all work together, seamlessly and effortlessly.

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