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Make it Simple to Create Leads, Simplify Proposals, and Track Sales

You need strong sales and marketing to sustain and grow your business. No argument there, right? But you may find yourself short of time, resources or expertise to manage it all on your own. We’ve got you covered with simple, easy-to-use tools for creating, deploying and tracking marketing campaigns. And when the leads start rolling in, our automated solutions integrate with your systems to simplify and strengthen the sales process, including creating quotes and proposals.

Deliver Quotes Quickly

Send professional, interactive quotes and proposals in minutes, including the best pricing from top distributors. Remember, there is proven truth to the early quote gets the job.

Create HTML Emails & Forms

Use drag-and-drop functionality to design emails, custom pages, and forms that capture and nurture leads. Schedule emails, and post to social platforms to get the word out.

Track Marketing Results

Gain visibility into all your marketing efforts with analytics that measure each campaign’s performance, so you can direct resources where they’re most valuable.

Move Leads to Sales Quickly

Don’t chance dropping the ball during the handoff from marketing to sales. Prospect contact forms are automatically turned into opportunities for fast follow-up.

Manage Leads & Sales Opportunities

Hold leads in the database until they’re qualified as “sales ready”. Then pass them to your sales team as true opportunities and track their progress for accountability.

Automate Sales Orders

Make a lasting first impression with new customers by automatically turning your won deal into a sale order or project with no delays.

“I can schedule emails for the month and automate follow-up emails. It saves me a ton of time. I can look at the calendar view to see exactly who will receive an email, and when anything changes, I can adjust it easily.”

Abbey Colville, Director Marketing and Operations, Vision Computer Solutions
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