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ConnectWise Manage
help desk

Help Desk

Clear the Hurdles of Help Desk Management and Take Control of Chaos With ConnectWise Manage

Since your business is service, it’s only natural that your clients expect it to be exceptional. But effectively managing a constant influx of client issues without the right tools for communication, scheduling, documentation, and remote support can sometimes feel impossible.

ConnectWise Manage lets you breathe a little easier with solutions that provide clear lines of communication, an efficient ticketing process, and easily tracked workflows. Efficient documentation allows you to utilize resources wisely and capture every moment of billable time.

With ConnectWise Manage, you can stop stressing and start focusing on the exceptional service your customers deserve.

How ConnectWise Manage Helps You Achieve Service Excellence

Implement Simpler Ticketing

Great service starts with a ticketing strategy that can manage requests coming from every direction - phone calls, emails, even live chats. ConnectWise Manage ticketing captures all communication, then tracks and documents every step until the job is complete.

Power the Potential of Dispatch

Dispatch holds the key to creating order when it comes to managing resources. ConnectWise Manage provides easy visibility into service team availability, allowing quick prioritization and intelligent scheduling.

Get Instant Support with Chat

Innovative chat functionality from ConnectWise Manage allows multiple requests to be handled simultaneously and immediately, with real-time, two-way communication and visibility. Every conversation is logged and clients have instant access to you whenever they need you.

Learn More about ConnectWise Chat >>

Be Anywhere with Mobile

Your tech team’s productivity shouldn’t be tethered to the office. ConnectWise Manage Mobile gives 24/7 remote access to everything from scheduling to documenting work and tracking time, so efficiency in the field knows no bounds.

Automate for Better Service

One sudden emergency can derail your entire service schedule if you’re not prepared. ConnectWise Manage workflows simplify the process by automating the escalation of service tickets, notifications, and team assignments so you stay on track.

Report on Your Service Health

To make strategic decisions about your company’s service management, you need all the facts. ConnectWise Manage service dashboards and reporting options provide data on ticket details, issue resolution times, and service team performance.

Picture an Easier Service Experience

managed services
See What You Want, Where You Want It

Customize your ticket view to include all the facts you need on a single screen, choose the information you need most, and arrange it in a way that works for you.

Dispatch with a New View

Gain full visibility into your team resources for efficient daily schedule management and prioritization of emergencies.

Tickets and Time At-A-Glance

Stay on top of ticket aging, time-to-resolution history, and total billable hours all with on-demand, one-screen data.

Customize Your Ticket View
Dispatch with a New View
Tickets and Time At-A-Glance
ConnectWise Manage

Discover the Keys to Driving Next-Level Service in Our Demo

Your business IS service. Make sure your service process is exceptional with ConnectWise Manage.

Strengthen Your Service Support with the ConnectWise Suite

Remotely Monitor & Manage

ConnectWise Automate gives you the tools you need to automate any IT task, work on multiple machines at the same time, manage everything through a single console, easily manage IT policies across multiple endpoints, and much more.

See How >>

Resolve Issues Quickly & Quietly

A solution for remote support, remote access, and remote meetings, ConnectWise Control lets you analyze and solve problems without your clients knowing they exist.

See How >>

“We are in the people business, not the technology business, and ConnectWise truly enables us to put process and technology in the back end so that we can just provide people service on the front end.”

Jamison West, President, Arterian

Explore Other ConnectWise Manage Features

Time Tracking & Billing

Don’t let billable time slip through the cracks. Get paid for the exceptional service you’re providing.

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Account Management

Discover a sophisticated, 360° view of your clients and start building the strong relationships your business relies on.

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Explore the features of ConnectWise Chat to help you better support your customers.

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