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We’re Obsessed With Partner Success

At ConnectWise we don’t have customers or clients. We have partners, companies whose success we’re dedicated to supporting at every step of their business journey. To fulfill our role in supporting our partners’ success, we want to provide more than just the software they need to run their business. That’s why we focus on delivering the services and support that allow them to further their experience. From consulting and implementation services to education, support, customer care, and account management, we’ve got the tools our partners need to make the most of our software and grow their businesses.

Start Right

A Plan For Every Need

Whether you’re looking for a specific implementation package—including remote or on-site engagements—or you just need a certain approach style, we’ve got the support you need to hit the ground running.

Customized Experience

Our ultimate goal is to offer every partner the perfect implementation experience, so that you’re set up to succeed. With an adaptive and collaborative approach, we give you the unique implementation your business needs, without delays.

Unmatched Expertise

Trust that your onboarding is in good hands with a team of dedicated & experienced implementation consultants.

Partners in Success

One Point of Contact

Your account manager is your guru, your Sherpa, your go-to resource. Call with questions, escalate concerns, add licenses, and add on solutions from our integrated third-party vendors for MDM, security, business availability, and more.

Rethinking Service

We’re dedicated to realigning relationships with our partners to keep everyone on a positive path to success. Customer care means helping our partners overcome challenges at every step of their journey with us.

Consistent Support

No matter the circumstances, our account managers and customer care representatives are all in, 100% dedicated to delivering stellar support and unparalleled attention to our partners.

World-Class Support: Anytime, Anywhere

Business-Critical Support

Great products aren’t valuable unless they come with support, even during the non-business hours when you might need it most. When you need us, we’re here, even after hours.

Additional Support

With our online communities, knowledge base articles, multiple point self-help connective tools, and more, we’ve got countless ways to help you and answers quickly and easily.

Ongoing Education

Our education team promotes your success by establishing best practices and feature details. Sign in to University to access free lessons, documentation, videos, webinars, blueprints, release notes, certification training, user group presentations, partner kits, and workshops.

Turbocharge Your Business

Unmatched Expertise

Our worldwide consultant team has over 200 years of combined experience working with technology solution providers, and over 100 combined years of ConnectWise experience.

Comprehensive Service

We offer remote and onsite consulting services, business audits, virtual administrative services, and more. Everything you need for a better business.

Get More

The consulting team is designed to perfect your understanding of our software and help navigate your business needs, so that you can maximize the benefit to your business.

24/7/365 Services for Your Every Need

Real People

Our offices in the U.S., England, and Australia are full of people who come to work every day, devoted to understanding more about our products and partners.

Workshops & Training

We want our partners to use more and more of the product, and get more benefit as their business grows and changes.

University & Education

Tap in to a huge knowledge base—built by a team of experts—to help with everything from specific product how-tos to business best practices, and everything in between.


We offer consulting remote and on-site, putting you in direct contact with professionals who understand your unique business. You’ll get tips, tricks, and tools to help you grow.

One Point of Contact

When you become a partner, you have one consistent place to go for all of your questions, comments, and concerns. Whatever you need, you’ll find it.

Got It!

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Pave your Path to Success

ConnectWise is passionately committed to partner success, and our Path to Success series of monthly webinars are designed to bring you the best minds in the industry with tools, solutions, and information to help you better your business. Thought leaders share their expertise on subjects ranging from process to profitability, and service excellence to strategy.

Partner Support