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See the Vision

Vision Computer Solutions began in 1995 as a side business for the current owner’s son. After a few years building up the computer repair business, father and son joined up to grow the business faster. With fast growth and a quickly diversifying set of practice areas, people like Chuck Lobert, Vice President of Sales & Technology, came on board already handling a lot of different roles. “I kind of held every technical role at one point or another,” Chuck says, “and then I got into sales engineering before migrating into my current role.” Managing every aspect of the business, including Abbey Colville’s role as Director of Marketing & Operations, and Michael Johnson’s responsibilities as NOC Manager, meant finding tools and solutions that could help bring together disjointed systems and keep everyone on the same page.


The Vision team was managing a thriving technology solutions business with disjointed systems that didn’t fit their needs. With folders and files spread all over the server, everything was difficult to track.


Implementing the ConnectWise® suite of solutions—including ConnectWise Manage, Automate, Sell, and CampaignDirector—gave the entire company a chance to fully integrate everything from sales to marketing and management.


Vision is doing more with less, and getting the personal, focused support they need from their business solutions. The team reduced third-party marketing spend by 70% and shortened their sales cycle by 80%, and now they know they’re working with a partner that shares their passion for success.

“We use it to run our entire company. We use it for everything. We follow the mantra, if it’s not in ConnectWise, it didn’t happen.”

Chuck Lobert, Vice President of Sales & Technology, Vision Computer Solutions

Life Before the Suite

Prior to implementing the ConnectWise® Suite, Vision Computer Solutions was struggling with too many unconnected systems and a serious case of Silos of Chaos™, the chaos that happens when an organization is trying to work with disjointed systems and handoffs aren’t happening effectively. In other words, they are spinning their wheels, but getting nowhere fast. The same could be true for any business, and that’s the Silos of Chaos issue that Vision was facing.

After a brief stint at another company, Chuck saw the need for something that would put all of their necessary information into one central location.

Introducing ConnectWise Manage

“I went back to Vision and the first thing I did was call ConnectWise for a Manage demo,” Chuck recalls. “They talked a lot about those Silos of Chaos, and I remember the owner saying ‘I don’t care how much it costs, we have to have that.’ So we made the purchase, and managing the business became that much easier.”

Chuck puts it best when he says “we use it to run our entire company. We use it for everything. We follow the mantra, if it’s not in ConnectWise, it didn’t happen.” From sales and projects, to finance and service tickets, everything goes through Manage.

“It has streamlined our sales and marketing process, so I’m super passionate about CampaignDirector. It really simplified things.”

Abbey Colville, Director Marketing and Operations, Vision Computer Solutions

Selling More with Sell

Vision made the move from QuoteWerks® to ConnectWise Sell after IT Nation 2013. “It was the right thing to do, and it’s been fantastic,” Chuck explains. As a ConnectWise partner, they were so passionate about their experience with Manage that Sell was an easy choice.

Having templates and personalized videos for quotes puts them right in front of prospective clients, even when they’re miles away. ConnectWise Sell lets sales include demos to explain options, which means they’re closing more sales, faster.

Creating a Marketing & Sales Engine

“Adding CampaignDirector was game changing.” Vision reduced third-party marketing spend by 70%. Because everything ties back to Manage, marketing isn’t guesswork.

“It has streamlined our process,” shares Abbey, “and really simplified things.” With the combination of Sell and CampaignDirector, marketing is easier, and the quality of leads has been upgraded.

“We have seen an increase in the quality of the leads from lead scoring,” Chuck shares. Now, leads come to sales with scores attached, which is saving time and increasing close rates. The sales cycle has shrunk from three months to nine days!

Before CampaignDirector, the company had disparate systems that resulted in inefficient lead handling and a drain on productivity. “Synching three platforms could take the entire day,” recalled Abbey. CampaignDirector takes five minutes. This saves more than 12 days per year, and it’s just the beginning of the gains the company has achieved with CampaignDirector.

Winning at NOC

“We use Manage and Sell to run our business, and Automate to support and run our clients’ businesses,” Chuck says simply.

As a previous Kaseya® customer, the Vision NOC team struggled with reliability. “I was trying to make it work, as opposed to counting on it to do things,” says Michael Johnson. As the NOC manager, he found consistency and a whole lot more with ConnectWise Automate. As partners, the move to Automate seemed natural.

“Our NOC manager is so happy that we switched,” Abbey shares. “He’s already doing more than we were with Kaseya.”

“There are a lot of features that Kaseya told us we couldn’t have,” Michael explains. “With Automate, the help desk has been the best. I’ve never gotten an ‘I don’t know.’ I hear, ‘let me get right back to you,’ and they do.”

With the of time and effort being saved, Michael has cut back on after-hours work, and is proud of his team of two – himself, and ConnectWise Automate.

Culture Connection

”We value our culture, so we like to work with people that are on the same page as us.” Abbey explains. “ConnectWise is the best company for that.” Michael elaborates, “as a part of the IT Nation, there are so many people ready and willing to share information.” The Vision team has been pleasantly surprised by support and camaraderie. “We’re in this together, sharing this community, and when you get here, you feel that.”

“ConnectWise is an excellent solution for so many things,” shares Michael. “They offer quoting solutions, a business solution, a remote management and monitoring solution, and you can see where other companies have started to realize: this is necessary, this is needed.”

See How ConnectWise Solutions Work Together

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