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Welcome to The IT Nation - You Belong Here

You’re part of a community of technology lovers and innovators who make up a unique nation – the IT Nation. Together, we’ve created a place to learn, grow, and make friends. We embody the spirit of partnership through conferences, forums, webinars, and countless other shared opportunities, all in pursuit of being better. We embrace inspiration, and are connected by a passion to relentlessly seek solutions that ignite success.

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Conferences are perfect for regrouping and refreshing with like-minded technology professionals. Get educated and inspired by industry experts, and walk away with valuable knowledge.

User Groups

User groups are held all over the globe, encouraging collaboration and relationship-building for technology service providers who benefit from shared expertise and advice.


In an ever-evolving industry, Roadshows are an opportunity to gather with current and prospective partners who want to know more about the company’s solutions.


Success as an IT professional means staying one step ahead of what’s next. Tradeshows give us an opportunity to present the newest and best resources to help empower your business.

Our Community in Action

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“Being part of the community, I've been very impressed with the level of involvement ConnectWise has with their partners, and fostering that growth, and encouraging the networking. It's a great community and it inspires me to be better.”

Reese Ormand, CEO, Techvera

Together, We Are The IT Nation

The True Techie

The True Techie

Your passion for technology is like a hunger that never gets satisfied. That's what brought you into this business, and it's what still drives you.

The Process Guru

The Process Guru

You can make order out of even the most extreme chaos, and actually enjoy the process. Your finely-honed organizational skills help keep business constantly moving and improving.

The Multiple Hat Wearer

The Multiple Hat Wearer

As the ultimate multi-tasker managing a small company, there’s no responsibility you won’t take on, whether out of necessity or choice. As soon as you know something has to be done, your likely response is I’m on it.

Everything to Gain

Being a part of the IT Nation delivers benefits like no other. Connect directly with our product teams, influence our products and make your voice heard, and network with the rest of our community for mutual support.
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